Thursday, February 26, 2009

We should all be “Reformed Nazarenes”

I just read Manny Silva’s post where he asks, “are we trying to please men or God?” I have been very pleased latley to find Nazarenes like this on the web lately. Manny and Tim Wirth at Nazarene Psalm 1:13, and the blogger ExNazarene, all clearly desire to please God over men. I have read the comments on some of their blogs from other Nazarenes and these men are being persecuted for following God; persecuted by members of the Church of the Nazarene. What in the world is happening?

But, Manny stands firm in his latest article and I am encouraged by it. He writes about the great cost of putting God first and said, “I risked not only getting friends upset at me, but family as well.” He goes on to say how important this message is and how having friends and love ones mad at him is a small price to pay for risking not telling them the message of the Bible that can save them from Hell. Now that is what pleasing God is all about, because God wants to save people from hell, but new age emergent Christians are spreading a false gospel that everything is OK, and there is no Hell. Sounds nice, but when people our being burned alive in hell forever they are going to wish that their friends were like Manny who was willing to risk having them mad at him to tell them that only believing the message of the Almighty Bible can save them.

You know, I kind of think eternity might be like how history will see George W. Bush in a few hundred years. Right now everyone is calling this Godly man terrible things, calling him a war monger but one day people will realize how right he was. George Bush did what was right even when it did not please people. I think that is what made him a good President, because he was a Christian who only wanted to please God. In the same way, people might be mad at us now if we are brave enough to stand up for the TRUTH of the Bible, but one day they will thank us.

So Manny takes on these emergent heretics even if it is a thankless task. He points out how they are abandoning the true teaching of the Bible and about how “they will argue with us that “the Word of God is really Jesus, not a book.” He talks about how these apostates say, “stop idolizing that book, and get to know Jesus”. And Manny sees right through it because he has “heard these arguments, and they are false, and deceiving, or just plain unintelligent.”

Of course this is unintelligent; I don’t even understand how people can separate out Jesus from the Bible as if you can follow one without the other. Can’t people see how stupid that is? The Bible is the WORD of GOD and Jesus is the WORD of GOD. You can’t make the Bible and Idol because God is the real God, only fake gods can be idols. Not only that the Bible teaches us that Word became flesh (John 1), and so Jesus is the Bible in human form. To deny the Bible as the ultimate authority in the universe is to deny Jesus Christ.

So, I am thankful for these new Reformed Nazarenes, not just Manny, but these other guys I mentioned to. Tim Wirth for instance is working hard to put out a DVD to expose the demonic liberal emergent teaching that has spread like leaven in Nazarene denomination. He is exposing the leadership that has lost its way and I hope this leads to real revival where we can have Godly leaders that believe the Bible again. After all we can only follow leaders who are following God, as Paul writes “follow me as I follow God’s Word”. (I Corinthians 11:1)

And we do need reform in our denomination, some one just commented in the previous post how in the manual of the Church of the Nazarene it does not say the Bible are God’s literal Words- well, if that is true then the manual needs reform too. I pray that as God brings reform and revival to our denomination that we will find bold, Biblical leaders like Manny Silvia and Tim Wirth to lead us. I don’t know if they would want to, I believe they are humble and aren’t looking to be in charge but only want God’s will for us. But God’s will isn’t being done, so like prophets in the wilderness they cry out saying make your path straight according to God’s one and only Word!!!!! I join their voice and say to our Nazarene brethren- REPENT and REFORM!!!

Charles F. Dobson


  1. Hey, commenting is fixed! Thanks, Chuck.

    Just wanted to say thanks for the great posting and encouragement. I often am tongue-tied like Moses was, but sometimes I can get some legible words on the computer and get my point across.

    Not looking to be a leader for everyone else, God knows there are some great people out there who have greater leadership ability compared to mine. But I just want to do God's will. It is often frustrating to see the kind of meaningless arguments we get from those who want to subvert God's Word, but we need to press on and fight, and let as many people know of this serious problem.

    Blessings, and thanks again for stepping into the fire! It's pretty hot out there.

    Manny Silva

  2. Very admirable, but you are wasting your time. I was enroled at NBC Colorado Springs, on staff at Eastborough Nazarene Church, was a teacher of an adult SS, and was preparing for a bright future in the Nazarene Church, KingJames, Sanctified and Surrendered, the date 1993. They were teaching a new-age spiritual formation then, no two prof. could agree on sanctification, and there was a new wind blowing. My Pastor at the time encouraged me to "jump through the hoops" while he was qouting scripture from the pulpit that didn't exist in their Bibles anymore (NIV) I still have the Bulletins with sermon notes. I am trying to make a comment not write a book. God says:

    "Meddle not with them that are given to change"

    You can drive that sinking ship to the bottom of the ocean if you like but you will help no one in the mean time. I am now a Pastor of an Independent Baptist Church and have been set free from a number of false teachings in the Nazarene Church. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ I am still Kingjames, Sanctified, Surrendered and being used of God, and didn't buy any of the junk that was taught to me. And NO Baptist are not all Calvinist as I was taught. If you want to find the remnant of Believers these days. 1. Good Luck 2. If they are not Kingjames they are not it. 3. Associated Churches are apostate already!

    Steve Sumner
    Pastor, Lighthouse Baptist Church
    Anderson, Indiana

  3. Not sure I understand the comment on the Bible be God's literal word. I am not a Nazerene but on the Nazerene web site it states under the Article of Faith:
    IV. The Holy Scriptures
    4. We believe in the plenary inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, by which we understand the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments, given by divine inspiration, inerrantly revealing the will of God concerning us in all things necessary to our salvation, so that whatever is not contained therein is not to be enjoined as an article of faith.
    Now I am just a dumb old country boy but inerrant means without error. Seems pretty straight forward.

    1. you are correct. it means that God used each individual in writing the letters allowing the personality and literary style to come through. "INSPIRED" is the key word here.

  4. Dan,

    It would seem simple to real people but this goes above board when they have to interpret their own articles. So that they can say one thing but believe another.

    Most of your arrogant Nazarenes who think that they're educated above you, interpret the article with the emphasis on the phrase "necessary to our salvation" this isolates the meaning to one specific area. However, they ignorantly ignore "so that whatever is not contained therein" which makes the Bible eaqully authoritative in all the articles of faith.

    People hate authority! Except their own.

    They say if it doesn't make since "there's a buck in it" or the devil you take your pick.

    The new Nazarenes believe they are inerrant and the Bible is a mistake.


    1. all we need to do is return to the original principles of the founders the church of the Nazarene.

  5. Regarding the Independent Fundamental
    Baptists, Those who believe the King
    James Version is the only translation
    of any authority....I guess people
    of other languages other than English
    must not be able to study the Bible
    or serve God in truth. Amazing
    isn't it? Most scholars understand that the translation of the Bible most closely affiliated with the Greek and Hebrew is the American Standard Version.

    1. YOU ARE CORRECT TO A POINT. In translating Greek and Hebrew there are many variables and not always easy to understand how the word or phrase was being used. The NASB is a time honored translation but it too has errors due to it's "word for word" translation. Nothing wrong with it. I use the New KJV and one that is exegetical in it's study notes. What about the German bible, the French and so on? Good point!

  6. Anonymous,

    You couldn't be more wrong on everything that you said!

  7. Sweet , finally a group of Nazarenes that expouses the thoughts of Eckhart Tolle!!!!!!! Finally!!! Really, ya'all check this video out!!! Keep preaching it!!!!

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